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We are MOTTO business consulting. Specialists in the science of Organisational Development and passionate enthusiasts of co-creating organisational health for our clients.

We understand that Organisational Development is a working unit together in the pursuit of change resulting in improvement and transformation over time and that this is the means behind the end of attaining Organisational Excellence.


Our surveys have been designed following significant research highlighting the importance of aligning an organisation’s capabilities – we use a scientifically developed 3 step approach to identify and design our clients Organisational Development interventions to ensure MOTTO results, every time.

Our Founder


Mariheca Otto has been the owner and manager of Motto Business Consulting since 2005. She consults in the field of organisation development and internal marketing (creating buy-in into vision) for a variety of clients in different industries. She works in association with independent OD consultants and other credible service providers.


She completed a B.Com (Hons: Industrial Psychology and Sociology), HED, M.Com and PhD in Business Management at the North-West University (previously known as the Potchefstroom University). She has delivered papers at both national and international academic and business conferences. Her research is not only published in academic publications, but also in newspaper articles and lifestyle magazines. She has almost 20 years of lecturing, training and facilitation experience and is seen as the leader in her field (internal marketing) due to her ground-breaking work. She writes a monthly blog on her latest experiences and is completing a related book which will be available later this year.


Motto Executive Coach & Certification Head


Jenny Wensing has over 30 years experience in the field of organisational development, H.R. management, leadership development, high engagement workshops and coaching.


She is British born, a Dutch national, and after a successful career in corporate H.R., has established herself as a dynamic and much sought after change management consultant, facilitator and executive coach.


She is a practical, out of the box thinker, and has worked across multiple industries at all organisational levels in Europe, South Africa, and the UAE.  She is passionate about helping organisations navigate organisational change, and improve their effectiveness.

Motto Senior Consultant


Gretchen provides specialist Human Capital consulting to large and medium sized public and private enterprises. Gretchen has played an integral role in crafting Transformation, Inclusion and diversity strategies that integrate sector ,cultural and demographic dynamics within large businesses in emerging markets. With a focus on sustainable transformation in respect of Gender, Gretchen is well versed on the 2x Gender Impact strategies guiding Gender lens investments . Gretchen’s experience in developing and implementing tactical  gender mainstreaming mechanisms provides a hands-on and organisational specific gender solution. She brings highly practical and grounded insights into the realities of implementing requirements of international good practices, social and labour management standards across a number of South African and Sub-Saharan African countries.


Gretchen’s recent experience as the Chief People Officer of a large ,geographically spread  company in the agricultural ,manufacturing and forestry sector has equipped Gretchen with the necessary skills to manage complex labour issues with specific technical expertise in large scale Organisational design processes.


With more than 25  years experience , Gretchen has a a B.Soc.Sci qualification from the University of Stellenbosch, and has a suite of accredited qualifications including, inter alia  Paterson job grading assessor, Teambuilding (TM)facilitator, CCMA conciliator, and IMSSA facilitator.


Motto Gender Specialist Consultant


Zarina Moorad is a Leadership Coach, an Alternate Dispute Resolutions Facilitator, a Trainer and Best Practices Officer. She holds degrees in Law and Psychology and began her career in Mainstream legal practice in South Africa before moving to Mauritius and entering the corporate world. Zarina is an accredited facilitator in Corporate Governance and Board Leadership with the Global Corporate Governance Forum. She began her coaching journey in South Africa and has since worked in organisations across different industries from large corporate banking to property development and management in both the public and private sector.


Zarina is a Meta Coach and member of the International Society of Neurosemantics. In organisations, Zarina facilitates culture enhancement and organisational development in line with best practice and specific leadership vision.  She has been engaging in areas regarding women in leadership for most of her career and supports coaches, consultants and development officers to install healthy women-oriented agendas which she considers to be conscious human agendas. Zarina believes that employee engagement and productivity can be measured and naturally directly speaks to business strategy. She is the Founder of the WeQ Movement as well as the 3M Youth Masterclass.  Zarina is the mother of 3 sons.

Motto Supporting Consultant


Lilley Berrington is Motto’s Supporting Consultant and coach, and has postgraduate qualifications in Psychology and Political Science. She specialises in one-on-one processes, such as individual coaching, personal development plans, and facilitating workshops tailored around an individual’s specific needs.


She is skilled in connecting with clients, relying on her empathetic listening skills and natural compassion for others in building strong, sustainable relationships that encourage trust.


As a disabled woman, she is especially passionate about working in the disability space, in terms of both physical and psychological disabilities. Both of her postgraduate dissertations focused on disability-related issues, and she has considerable experience in disability consulting in her personal capacity, as well as experience serving in various leadership positions in societies and on committees that raise awareness and advocate for the rights of persons with disabilities.

Motto Administrative Manager


Nicole Jordaan is Motto’s Administrative Manager, and is responsible for a variety of tasks including diary management, project management and progress tracking. She is also the main point of contact for any technical survey or certification concerns and communications. In addition, Nicole is Motto’s social media manager, and also assists in the visual aspects of Motto’s brand design.

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