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A tool that enables and equips leadership to facilitate transformation on gender inclusion and diversity


As leaders in organisations, you have a good sense of gender inclusion and diversity within your business, but building a culture that values gender inclusion and diversity in a sustainable way requires measurement and date.

Businesses all around the world find that ticking boxes on a gender headcount is not enough. Many corporate cultures fail to support gender diversity and inclusion, and require an assessment of the culture, and a sustainable route map to guide the organisation to long-term profitability and healthy culture.


Gender inclusion and diversity impacts company culture and its people through behaviour. If inclusive behaviours are prevalent within an organisation at the right scale, then impactful inclusion can be sustained indefinitely.   But the challenges are not just about gender. They are about under-representation and lack of empowerment of women.  Women are missing from decision-making, problem-solving and influence across multiple industries throughout the world.  Structures and relationships that exclude women from power must be altered.


Diverse teams out-perform homogenic teams 2:1.  That’s because diverse teams have a wealth of different ideas and perspectives that culminate in better innovation and better understanding of potential markets.


To support the worldwide move for gender mainstreaming, re-calibrating the gender balance in organisations and accelerating the participation of women in the workplace, Motto has developed the Motto Gender Perception Tool™, which identifies workplace gender inequalities and sustainability and maps out a route to overcoming these.  With hard data as a backdrop, the Motto Gender Perception Tool™ offers a personalised change development plan for each person, which includes a digital change coach.


This assessment and subsequent development processes will enable organisations to meet their employment equity targets, as females in the workforce will receive the necessary guidance and support as a direct outcome from the awareness created by the Tool.


The Tool enables organisations to identify personal and group gender challenges for all staff and then to create a culture and work environment that ensures they hire well, keep key female talent and empower men to assist in changing the culture to be more inclusive.


The Motto GPT process within your business:


  1. Individuals and teams receive a link to the Motto GPT online survey which only takes 30 minutes to complete
  2. Individuals will receive their report, and be linked to Bloom, a digital change tool that will assist self-development
  3. A certified Motto consultant will provide feedback sessions to individuals or teams/groups


The Tool maps out a growth plan and provides custom services that are required to achieve specific results in the organization.


Get accredited to use the new Motto Gender Perception Tool™ and utilize it within your business to facilitate transformation in gender diversity and inclusion.  The Tool is easy to use and is supported by a team of experts.

The Motto Gender Perception Tool™ consists of four surveys, one to be administered to women and another to men as a self-reflection tool to measure their perception of themselves, and the other two to be administered to men and women to measure their perceptions of each other as groups in the workplace. The responses to the group surveys are completely anonymous.


After a comparative analysis of the women’s and men’s results, gaps in perceptions can be identified and subsequent key focus areas can be pinpointed. Furthermore, analysis of the results can be used to develop various change processes to empower both women and men to ensure their best participation and contribution in the workforce, as well as to empower companies to retain and get the most out of not only male, but also key female talent.

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