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At Motto we feel that the best way in which to make a real difference in the lives of our clients with the most far reaching effects is to stand together as consultants, coaches and HR professionals, helping each other to reinvent ourselves in terms of today’s market.

In the current economic climate, many businesses will have to adapt in order to survive. With this in mind, Motto launched a training and certification process in 2020 which will empower consultants, coaches and HR professionals to independently make use of Motto’s tools and the data they provide with their own clients or from within their own companies.

Certification Packages

Comprehensive package


Consists of thorough training on the Motto Individual Assessment and Gender Perception Tool (individual women’s and men’s surveys), as well as the Gender Perception Tool Comparative surveys, Engagement Survey and the Leadership 360 Survey which consultants and HR/OD practitioners would implement with groups.

Per Product package


Includes thorough training on the Motto tools of your choice (or as relevant to the specific functions you will need to perform in the scope of your work), as well as the business case for each tool included in your package. Any of the above-mentioned Motto tools can be chosen, including the individual or team Surge Sports Performance Survey for sports coaches, the Motto Disability Self-Perception Survey for coaches or consultants with expertise in the disability space, and/or the Motto Parenting and Teen Tool surveys. The latter three tools are not included in the standard Comprehensive Package.

Benefits of Motto Accreditation

  • After completing the certification, consultants will be able to analyse the data and offer feedback to their clients independently from Motto. This gives consultants more room to follow the methods that they are comfortable with, instead of having to collaborate as closely with an external partner.
  • HR/OD professionals within companies can own the process from the beginning, instead of relying on Motto for data analysis and feedback. With a Motto certified HR/OD professional on board, companies will have an internal qualified person managing their affairs, saving money that would otherwise have been spent on enlisting external help.
  • During economically trying times with tight budgets, the return on investment for organisations and individuals will be much higher, because Motto’s tools offer accurate measurement which gives clarity on precisely what the development needs are. This is as opposed to tools that offer a shallow measurement that results in the collection of data that is vague and doesn’t serve to pinpoint precise development areas.
  • Consultants and coaches who are certified will receive an extra 10% of the product cost, in addition to the 10% which they already receive when making use of Motto’s tools with their clients.
  • The interventions that are implemented after the assessment will be up to the certified professional, and any time sold will be their own. Motto’s role is as a product house, providing the measurement tools that identify the focus areas.
  • Certified professionals are invited to make use of Motto as a platform for support and as a thinking partner during the development process.
  • In light of the new economy, collaboration is critical. With this in mind, Motto certified professionals will have access to a network of highly skilled individuals and informal business partners that are specialists in their own fields with whom they can collaborate, or simply share and discuss ideas and strategies.
  • When a consultant, coach or HR/OD professional within a company becomes certified, they will be introduced as a Motto accredited professional through various media platforms for exposure.
  • Lastly, Motto’s tools are highly affordable in comparison to other equivalent tools currently available in the market.

If you are interested in becoming a Motto certified professional, please email us at for more information.

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